The Inner Temple has a dedicated and friendly Education & Training Department which administers all educational activities for school students, undergraduates, student barristers, pupils and practising barristers. These range from how to become a barrister, careers advice, allocation of Scholarships, Qualifying Sessions, mentoring schemes, advocacy training and Continued Professional Development.

We also encourage and maintain links with undergraduates at universities around the country and work closely with our Inner Temple Student Association as well as our Mooting, Debating and Drama Societies, all of which are extremely active.

The Inner Temple, with its long tradition of social responsibility, is dedicated to widening access to the Bar and promoting social mobility in the profession. The Inn is carrying out some pioneering work in this area, which can be found in our Outreach Brochure. The work the Inn undertakes will ensure that young people are aware of the opportunities available to them at the Bar, regardless of their background. The Inn's outreach projects have been featured in a range of reports such as the Neuberger Report on Judicial Diversity and the Milburn Report on Fair Access to Professional Careers.

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