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Academic Fellows Scheme

The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple is one of the four barrister Inns of Court of England and Wales. The Inner Temple celebrated its 400th anniversary of the granting of its Royal Charter in 2008. In 1608, the charter was granted by King James I under the condition that the lands be used for educational purposes for those studying the law. This had already been a major aspect of the work of the Inns of Court from as early as the 14th century and remains fundamental to what the Inns do today.

The Inner Temple is well known for its academic and progressive ethos. Many of the leading legal academics have been members of the Inn as well as senior barristers, judiciary and international leaders.

The Academic Fellows Scheme seeks to build even stronger ties with legal academics at universities across England and Wales. It also aims to recognise the outstanding contribution of legal teaching and research of early to mid-career academics to the profession. The honorary non-remunerated post will last for three years. Four Fellows will be elected per year.

Academics are encouraged to express interest in attending one of the four Dinners for Legal Academics throughout the year. Attendees will then be welcome to apply for the position of Academic Fellow.

Inner Temple's Academic Fellows are:

  • Dr Vanja Hamzic (SOAS, University of London) 
  • Dr Insa Koch (LSE)
  • Dr Yue Ang (Oxford Brooks University)
  • Emma Jones (Open University) 
  • Dr Alison Lui (Liverpool John Moores University)
  • Dr Adaeze Okoye (Canterbury Christ Church University) 
  • Dr Tarun Khaitan (University of Oxford)
  • Dr Reuven Ziegler (Universty of Reading)
  • Dr Yvonne McDermott (University of Bangor)
  • Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos (Brunel University)
  • Shazia Choudhry (Queen Mary, University of London)
  • Dr Colin King (University of Manchester)

Associate Academic Fellows are:

  • Dr Jo Braithwaite (London School of Economics & Political Science)
  • Dr des Eddie Bruce-Jones (Birkbeck, University of London)
  • Dr Maksymilian Del Mar (Queen Mary, University of London)
  • Dr James Goudkamp (University of Oxford)
  • Per Laleng (University of Kent)
  • Dr Barbara Lauriat (King’s College London)
  • Dr David Lowe (Liverpool John Moores University)
  • Dr Ronan McCrea (University College London)
  • Joanna Miles (University of Cambridge)
  • Dr Andrew Scott (London School of Economics)
  • Professor Christian Twigg-Flesner (University of Hull)
  • Dr Paul Wragg (University of Leeds)
  • Professor Andrew Francis (Keele University)
  • James Lee (University of Birmingham)
  • Dr Catherine MacKenzie (University of Cambridge)
  • Dr Iyiola Solanke (University of Leeds)

For information on these Academic Fellows, please see: Inner Temple Academic Fellows.

Applying for Academic Fellowship of the Inner Temple

The Academic Fellowship Scheme seeks to build stronger ties with legal academics at universities across England and Wales. It also aims to recognise the outstanding contribution of legal teaching and research of early to mid-career academics to the profession. The honorary non-remunerated post will last for three years, with twelve Academic Fellows in any given year.

Academic Fellowship is conferred on notable early or mid-career academics with teaching roles who are not practising members of the Bar.

Download more information about the role of an Academic Fellow here.

Selection Committee Criteria:

Academic Fellows may come from any academic discipline but their work must contribute to the study of law, and their teaching to the education of future legal practitioners.

Your CV and covering letter will be scored against the following criteria:

  • Active teaching role with high level of interaction with students
  • Legal research area of interest to members of the Inn, in particular student members for Qualifying Sessions
  • Willingness to contribute positively to the Inn; evidence of commitment to strengthening the legal professions
  • Ability to represent the Bar and Inn positively to a diverse audience with the skills and capabilities to succeed at the Bar
  • High-calibre research with practical impact; Inn’s ability to help encourage the research area(s)

We aim to ensure a balance of institutions and legal research areas. Please view our current fellows here:

Are you eligible?

  • If you are not a member of one of the Inns of Court
  • You have less than 15 years of work experience in an academic post.
  • If you are currently teaching or carrying out research at a UK based University

Please send your CV (no longer than five pages) and your covering letter (no longer than two pages) to:


Applications will be rejected if they are not submitted to the above email address by:

Deadline is 5pm on 28 August 2017


Candidates are notified in October. You will be formally announced on 13 November at a Readers Lecture series event. We ask that you keep this evening free, should you be selected. 

Inner Temple Book Prize

As part of the Inn’s continuing commitment to promote the study and development of law and the education and training of those intending to practise it, the Inn established the Inner Temple Book Prize in 2007. One prize of £12,000 and one for young authors (within ten years of being awarded their first degree) of £5,000 were awarded for the first time in December 2008 and will be granted every three years. The next prize will be awarded in December 2015. For further information, see: http://www.innertemplebookprize.org/

Academic Tutors

For information on the Bar to provide to your students or if you would like a barrister to give a talk at your institutions, please contact Struan Campbell, Outreach Manager.

We can provide you with information packs and presentations and work closely with student law societies, career services and law faculties to ensure that students are well informed on the routes into the profession and the qualifications and characteristics required to progress.

Academic Membership

If you an academic wishing to transfer to the Bar, you will need to apply to the Bar Standards Board in the first instance. Depending on your experience and qualifications, they will send you a letter detailing their decision with the conditions you must fulfil in order to be Called to the Bar.

Once you have received your letter from the Bar Standards Board, you may apply to join an Inn. You must be a member of an Inn to be Called to the Bar. Please refer to How to Join an Inn for further information on becoming a member of the Inner Temple.