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NP Advocacy Training

On probably the sunniest weekend this year so far, I was somewhat apprehensive about spending my time engaged in advocacy training. My fears were thankfully short lived as I became quickly absorbed into the supportive atmosphere that inevitably accompanies such training with Inner Temple. Aside from the obvious benefit of having our skills honed and newly acquired bad habits drawn to our attention by experienced practitioners and Judges, the most tangible benefit of this course was the unique opportunity to interact with recognised experts and discover, in a friendly environment, the skills required to extract maximum advantage from both your own and opposition expert witnesses. Aside from the 'educational' aspects of the weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed becoming acquainted with other new practitioners and the opportunity to socialise with the advocacy trainers and experts in the relaxed atmosphere, not forgetting the after dinner speech by Inner Temple's very own Rory Bremner!

Victoria Harper-Ward, Treasury Legal Advisers

NP Ethics Training

After a busy weekend of Advocacy exercises, seminars and socialising the Ethics element of the course is the final session delivered on Sunday. I must say the prospect of discussing ethics after such a long weekend did not provoke a huge amount of enthusiasm. The session was, however, fascinating. Given that most of us on the course had been in practice for over a year being able to relate real-life ethical dilemmas in this group was invaluable. Nothing is black and white when an ethical problem arises and this session taught useful and practical skills to deal with such situations. It was a well-structured and thought-provoking session that really finished the weekend on a high note.

Clare Ciborowska, Crown Office Row Chambers

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