Pupil Supervisor Course Materials

Pupil Supervisor Training Session, Materials

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Pupil Supervisor.

Please find below links to materials relating to the supervision of pupils, including the rules and regulations by which you will need to abide, tips to improve your supervision skills and some useful templates provided by the Bar Standards Board to guide your monitoring, appraisal and assessment responsibilities.

Your reading and understanding of the materials will form part of the training requirement and they will be referred to throughout the Session. Should you have signed up for the Inner Temple Pupil Supervisor Training Session (typically hosted in May each year), these materials will have also been sent to you by post (on a USB stick). Should you require further clarification of any points therein, please contact the relevant author or organisation.

  1. Pupillage Handbook 2016
  2. BSB Handbook 2017
  3. BPTC Handbook 2015/16
  4. ATC Training the Trainers
  5. BSB Equality Rules Handbook
Materials Guidance

We recommend that you read as widely from the above materials as possible, but have nonetheless detailed below the key study areas:

1. Pupillage Handbook 2016
           - The Regulatory Framework (section 1)
           - Pupil Supervisors (section 5)
           - Fair Recruitments and Selection of Pupils (section 6)
           - Pupillage Funding (section 7)
           - Pupils' Responsibilities for Registering Pupillage (section 8)
                    - Specified Standards and Assessment by Pupil Supervisors (section 9)
                    - Compulsory Courses (section 10)
           - Other Practice Requirements for Pupils (section 11)
           - Support and Advice for Pupils (section 14)
                - Appendix 1 (Summary of the Responsibilities of Pupils)
           - Appendix 2 (Forms and Templates)
2. BSB Handbook 2017
          - Part 2, Code of Conduct, Section C:
          - Part 2, Section D1.2 Equality & Diversity
          rC110 The general prohibition on discrimination
 - (b), (c) the rules relating to the training of selection panels
 - (d) the requirement that chambers uses fair and objective criteria
 - (e), (f), (g) diversity monitoring requirements
 - (i) fair access to work rule
 - (j) the anti-harassment policy requirement
          - Part 4, Section B; Bar Training Rules; rQ44 - rQ59
3. BPTC Handbook 2015/16 – Course Specification Requirements and Guidance
          - Part A; 2.1 + 2.2 - The Curriculum Framework & Core Subject Areas
4. ATC – Training the Trainers

        5. BSB Equality Rules Handbook

                - Additional materials, referenced in session and useful for future reference

If you have any queries about Pupil Supervisor Training or any of the above materials, please contact Julia Armfield