The Further Education Programme is a compulsory part of a pupil's training. You will not be entitled to obtain a final practicing certificate or enter independent practice without having completed the requirements so you must register your pupillage AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

You should complete and send a pupillage registration form (available for download here) to the Bar Standards Board, as well as sending a copy of it to:

David Miller
Education and Training Department
Treasury Building

If you do not yet have details of your pupil supervisor, you can still send the form to the Inn, so that we are aware of where and when you are doing your pupillage, but you should not send it to the BSB until the form is signed by your supervisor, or they will not be able to register your pupillage.

For more information on pupillage, please visit the pupillage section of the Bar Standards Board website.

The programme is composed of two separate elements: an Advocacy Course and the Practice Management Course (formally the Advice to Counsel Course) both run by the Inn. Pupils must also complete a minimum of 20 hours training in Forensic Accounting by the end of their first three years in practice (arranged through the Bar Standards Board).

The Pupils’ Advocacy Training Programme for 2016-2017 in London and the South East will comment in October 2016.  Pupils are divided between Course A beginning in October 2016 and Course B beginning in January 2017. The programme must be completed in your first six.  Please contact David Miller on 02077978209 for further information.