Code of Practice

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Middle Temple

  1. Permission to film in Inner Temple in no way indicates any permission to film in Middle Temple
  2. All arrangements to film in Middle Temple should be passed to the Treasury Office in Middle Temple;
  3. Unless specifically arranged in advance with Middle Temple no vehicles may be parked in Middle Temple and the reverse applies.

Height, Weight and Width Restrictions

  1. Please note the following restrictions:
    Height Width
    Tudor Street Gate 3.4m 2.4m
    Carpmael Arch 3.3m 3.6m
    Embankment Gate 4.8m 2.7m

There is a general weight restriction of fifteen tonnes throughout the site. On the Broadwalk, the weight limit is restricted to seven tonnes. No vehicular access is allowed to Church Court.

Prop or Mock Emergency Vehicles

  1. The Inn must be informed in advance if there are to be actors dressed in a specific uniform (Police, ambulance etc). The relevant emergency service should also be notified. A copy of the notification should be provided to the Head of Treasury Office.
  2. Uniforms and vehicles resembling emergency services must be covered whenever possible and in particular between takes.
  3. Sirens should not be used without specific permission and flashing lights should be switched off when not in shot and covered when not in use.

Road Markings and Signs

  1. By prior arrangement road markings and/or signs may be painted out on a temporary basis. Full restitution of must be made before the end of the agreed filming to the satisfaction of the Inn’s representative.
  2. The producer or location manager is responsible for road safety while road markings are covered.