Code of Practice

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Sound Playback

  1. The filming of artists to sound playback can only be undertaken by prior arrangement.

Street Furniture, Lighting and other Property

  1. No furniture may be removed, covered, altered or damaged in any way without the prior written agreement of the Head of Treasury Office.
  2. Nothing should be attached to property without the prior written agreement of the Head of Treasury Office.

Stunts, Special Effects and Pyrotechnics

  1. All stunts, special effects (including weather effects and wet downs) and pyrotechnics must be under the direct control of a named qualified co-ordinator or operative and must comply with the Environmental Protection Act (1990).
  2. All plans for stunts, special effect or pyrotechnics must be agreed in writing in advance.
  3. No firearms or replica/mock firearms should be used without the consultation and consent of the Head of Treasury Office and, where appropriate, the Police. The production company must ensure the safe custody of such weapons at all times.
  4. All electrical equipment must be PAT tested with visible proof.


  1. All matters with regard to track must be discussed with the Head of Treasury Office in advance of filming.


  1. No damage may be caused to trees in the Temple.
  2. No attachments may be made to any tree without prior agreement.
    In the event that you deliberately destroy a tree or part thereof on the property you will be liable under the legislation governing protected trees which could mean a fine of up to £20,000.
  3. No damage may be caused to grassed or lawned areas in the Temple.
  4. in the event that any damage is caused to the grassed or lawned areas Inner Temple reserves the right to require the entire lawn or section thereof to be returfed at the producer’s expense.


  1. Wetdowns may only be carried out with the approval of the Head of Treasury Office after a proper evaluation of the forthcoming weather conditions and with the proper signage.
  2. “Grit”, “Dust” or “Dirt” may only be spread on the ground with the prior approval of the Inner Temple.

Road dressing, underground drainage and gullies

  1. Use of soil or similar road dressing to be kept clear of rainwater outlets and gullies to be suitably protected as an extra precaution by hessian bags or fine sieve to avoid blockages. In the unlikely event of a blockage in consequence of the filming, the production company shall bear the direct cost of any remedial work to bring the drainage installation back into normal use.


  1. Particular care should be taken to cause no damage to the historic York paving throughout the Inn and loading restrictions apply where these span over underpavement vaults. The placement of heavy machinery or track must therefore be approved in advance and protection of paving by boarding etc., and/or propping of vaults agreed where appropriate.

Fire Precautions and Means of Escape

  1. Normal access for the emergency services should be maintained at all times.
  2. The means of escape route from all buildings should be available at all times and not obstructed.
  3. The concealment of smoke sensors, call points and fire alarm panels and/or exit and emergency exit buttons shall not be permitted without the express consent of the Inn and in conjunction with the proper notification of tenants to advise any changes to the normal evacuation procedures.
  4. Mock doors should be functional to permit escape and normal ingress/egress from the building and existing entrance doors to be temporarily removed, when required, to avoid a clash of door swings. Security arrangements to be agreed when filming out of normal hours (i.e. when entrance door are normally locked to the general public and access by security fob or door entry phone).
Please note:
  • The description "filming" refers to every type of filming. In particular feature films, television productions, commercials, music promotion videos, corporate filming and stills.
  • The description "production company or location manager" includes any person or organization responsible for filming in Inner Temple.
  • This document is intended as a guide to the requirements of filming in Inner Temple. It is not exhaustive and filmmakers, location managers and production companies must enter into a specific agreement before filming can be done. The Inn accepts no liability for loss, financial or otherwise, alleged to have incurred as a result of these guidelines.
  • This document, along with other documentation associated with the filming, forms part of the agreement to film.
  • The Inner Temple asks the film company to send in some stills of the filming for its records and for publishing in one of its publications such as the Newsletter.