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EXT: Records of External Bodies (Reference Copies) (1961-)

These comprise reference copies of the minutes and papers of external bodies involving or relevant to the Inner Temple including the Senate of the Four Inns of Court and its sub-committees, the General Council of the Bar and the Council of the Inns of Court.

FIN: Financial Records (1606-1979)

These records relate to the management of the Inn's finances and investments. They include audited accounts of the Treasurer, Steward and Sub-Treasurer, general ledgers, cash books, receipt and expenditure accounts, general balance sheets, investment records, and trust fund accounts and balance sheets

GAR: Records Of Garden Management (1809-1964)

These records relate to the maintenance and use of the Inner Temple gardens. They include estimates, drawings and correspondence concerning planting and garden improvements, and regulations for use.

INS: Insurance Records (c.1898-1953)

These records comprise expired policies and related papers concerning the insurance of the Inn's buildings and movable property.

LEG: Legal Records (1761-)

These records relate to the rights and legal status of the Inner Temple. They include copies of Parliamentary legislation affecting the Inn, legal agreements concerning the Inn and neighbouring properties, charitable trust deeds and papers concerning bequests to the Inn and legal disputes. See also CHA, LOC, MID and MUN.

LOC: Records of the Inn as a Local Authority (1806-1976)

These records relate to the role the Inner Temple as a local authority, with responsibility for certain local government functions, and its exclusion from the jurisdiction of the City of London. They include correspondence, reports, bye-laws and legal papers.

MID: Records Concerning Relations with the Middle Temple (1727-1899)

These records relate to liaison with the Middle Temple over matters of mutual concern including events, the partition and exchange of property, compensation claims and barge moorings. They include deeds, correspondence and legal papers. See also LEG.

MUN: Muniments of Title (1582-1976)

These records comprise title deeds, trust deeds (excluding charitable trust deeds) and evidence book relating to property owned by the Inner Temple. See also LEG.

PAR: Records of the Inner Temple Parliament (1505-1979)

These records comprise the minutes of the Inner Temple 's governing body, the council of benchers, known as the Inn's Parliament. For records of bench committees see BEN.

PHO: Photographs (1879-)

These photographs taken on behalf of or acquired by the Inner Temple depict the Inn's buildings and the jointly owned Temple Church, including war damage and reconstruction; Inner Temple members (principally benchers); and events taking place in the Inn. For photographs of the Inn's possessions see POS.

PIC: Prints And Other Illustrative Material (1750-)

This collection of past views of the Inner Temple has been acquired over time. It includes prints, engravings and drawings and photographs and photocopies of pictures held elsewhere. In addition, see the Tom Henry's catalogue of portraits and pictures held elsewhere in the Inn.

PLA: Plans (1820-1983)

These records comprise plans of the Inner Temple site and of individual buildings and were mainly drawn up in connection with building projects and the provision of services to the Inn. Thye also include some plans relating to the Temple Church and the Master of the Temple's house, jointly owned with the Middle Temple. See also BUI and SER.

POS: Records of Inn's Movable Possessions (1868-1984)

These records relate to acquisition, valuation and maintenance of the Inn's movable possessions, principally its silver plate, portraits, pictures, records, manuscripts and furniture. They include inventories, valuations, photographs and papers concerning acquisitions and sales.

REA: Records of the Readership (c.1800)

These comprise papers relating to the office of Reader of the Inner Temple. The Reader is elected from among the most senior benchers of the Inn and was originally required to deliver a learned reading on a legal statute or other aspect of the law. It has become customary for the Reader's shield, or coats of arms, to be displayed on the panelling of the Inner Temple hall during his year of office. The Reader subsequently serves as Treasurer of the Inn.

SER: Records Of Services (1861-1976)

These records relate to the provision of services to the Inner Temple, including sewerage, gas, electricity and telecommunications. They include agreements with service providers and related papers. For plans see PLA.

SUB: Records of the Sub-Treasurer (1841-)

These records comprise volumes and files complied by the Sub-Treasurer relating to more than one of the Inn's functions. They include letter books, correspondence, key books, press cuttings books and general files. Other records of the Sub-Treasurer and his staff are arranged within functional sub-fonds.

TAX: Records of Taxation (1695-1935)

These records relate to the assessment and collection of central government taxation by the Inner Temple as an independent taxation authority and its exclusion from City of London ward rates. They include Tax Commissioners' proceedings, Land Tax assessments for the Inner Temple, Clifford's Inn and Clement's Inn, correspondence and legal papers. See also LOC.

TEM: Records of Adminstration of the Temple Church (1613-1996)

These records relate to the Inner Temple's role in the administration of the Temple Church, jointly owned by the Inner Temple and Middle Temple. They include papers regarding the appointment of the Master of the Temple and the Reader of the Temple Church, minutes of the joint Choir Committee, reports, estimates and accounts for repairs and restoration of the church fabric, service sheets and papers relating to the status of the church as a royal peculiar.

See also TCC, TUN and the Middle Temple Archives.

TRE: Records of the Treasurer (20th cent.)

These records comprise correspondence and papers of the Treasurer, the most senior bencher of the Inn, during his year of office.

WAR: Records Concerning Second World War Measures (1933-52)

These records relate to preparations made before and during the Second World War to defend the Inner Temple against enemy attack and to subsequent claims for compensation for war damage. They include proposals for an underground air-raid shelter, air raid precaution reports and notices, fire watching register, inventories of library stock and correspondence and papers relating to insurance and compensation claims. See also BUI and PHO.

WAT: Records of Watching And Policing (1734-1860)

These records relate to the duties and remuneration of watchmen within the Inner Temple and the introduction of the City Police into the Inner Temple after the passing of the City Police Act of 1839. They include a list of watchmen, rules concerning watching, bench committee reports, correspondence and chambers' petition against noise.