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Donated and Deposited Records

CLI: Clifford's Inn Records (1618-1885)

These records, which originally belonged to the Society of Clifford's Inn, were discovered in the vaults of premises in Brick Court, Middle Temple, occupied by George Thatcher and Son, solicitors, after transfer there from their former offices at 32 Essex Street. George Booth, who acted as secretary to the society before its demise in 1903, was also based at 32 Essex Street, which explains the presence of the records there. They were donated to the Inner Temple by Frank Wright, a member of the Middle Temple, son-in-law of Alec Thatcher, in April and May 1998 and February 1999.

The only other records known to survive from Clifford's Inn, one of the three Inns of Chancery attached to the Inner Temple, are held by the National Archives, Kew (principally LC9/344 & TS59/11) and the sixteenth century rules which used to hang on the wall in the Inn and are now held in the Inner Temple Library (Miscellaneous Ms. no.189). Scattered references to Clifford's Inn also appear in the records of the Inner Temple, its parent Inn of Court.

The records donated to the Inner Temple archives, which date from 1618 to 1885, appear to be the administrative papers of the Principal or his Secretary, but exclude the main series of admissions registers and minutes of the governing body. They include muniments of title, admission bonds, chambers admissions, surrenders and assignments, correspondence, draft indexes, tax assessment and miscellaneous papers.

DDP: Deposited, Donated or Purchased Records

These records relating to the Inner Temple and its members have been acquired by the Inner Temple Archives to illustrate further aspects of the history of the inn and of individual past members. They comprise original documents, such as letters patent of appointment and letters, and copies of relevant records held elsewhere, such as wills and obituaries.

TCC & TUN: Records of the Temple Church Choir and Templars' Union (20th cent)

These records relate to administration and activities of the Temple Church choir and the Templars' Union for past choir members. They include voice trial books, register and index of choristers, choir pay books, choir holiday camp log books, Templars' Union minute books and papers, copies of 'The Templar' magazine, choir music, programmes, service sheets, correspondence and photographs. See also TEM.

Inner Temple Library

ITR: Inner Temple Records (1575-1851)

These manuscripts relating to the administration and history of the Inner Temple were acquired by the Inner Temple Library and bound into 39 volumes. Although they have long been held separately from the Inner Temple Archives, and therefore have been treated as a separate fonds, they are integrally linked with the Inn's official archives. They include letters and papers of the Treasurer and Sub-Treasurer on administrative matters, 1586-1830; account books, estimates, invoices and other accounting records, 1673-1780; papers concerning the Temple Church, 1660-1845; orders for burial in the Temple Church, 1771-1851; orders concerning the duties and remuneration of employees, 1695-1765; papers concerning customs, revels and foundlings, 1678-1816; chamber books, 1709-60; notes on the Inns of Court and Inns of Chancery, with related documents, 1700-75; rules and orders relating to the government of the Inner Temple and the building and tenancy of chambers, 1575-1771; and papers in legal cases involving the Inner Temple, 1630-1741

For detailed list see J Conway Davies Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Library of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple (Oxford 1972) volumes II & III pp.969-1083

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