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Catesby, Sir William (d. 1485)

Adm IT n.d.; Chancellor of Excheq. 1483; MP; Speaker HoC 1484
Executed after Battle of Bosworth

Chaucer, Geoffrey (c.1340-1400)

Membership of IT claimed by sixteenth century antiquary but not corroborated Poet , author, courtier and civil servant. JP; MP
Mentioned a 'manciple of a Temple' in the 'Prologue to the Canterbury Tales'.

Childers, Robert Erskine (1870-1922)

Adm IT 1892
Author, Irish nationalist

Coke, Sir Edward (1552-1634)

Sir Edward Coke

Adm CI 1571; adm IT 1572; call 1578; bencher 1590; Treasurer 1595-7; SG 1592; AG 1594; knt 1603; serjeant 1606; CJCP 1606; CJKB 1613-16; MP 1589; Speaker 1593
One of most influential judges. attacked royal prerogative and defended supremacy of Parliament.
Author of commentary on Littleton (qv)

De Silva, Sir Ernest (1887-1957)

Adm IT 1907; call 1912
Sri Lankan philanthropist 

Devereux, Robert, 2nd Earl of Essex (1568-1601)

Adm IT 1588
Courtier, favourite of Elizabeth I. Leader in Irish campaign
Stepson of Lord Robert Dudley (qv). Arrested for involvement in rebellion, 1601. Executed 1601

Drake, Sir Francis (c1540-96)

Adm IT 1582
Circumnavigator and Admiral

Dudley, John, Duke of Northumberland (c1502-53)

Adm IT 1511
Lord Protector under Edward VI. Led unsuccessful attempted to secure succession of Lady Jane Grey. Executed by Mary I

Dudley, Lord Robert, Earl of Leicester (c1533-88)

Adm IT 1561; Master of IT Revels, 1561
Courtier, Master of the Queen's Horse, favourite of Elizabeth I
Son of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland (qv)

Finch, Sir Heneage, Nottingham, Lord (1621-82)

Adm IT 1638; call 1645; Reader 1661; Treasurer 1661-72; SG 1660; AG 1670; LK 1673; LC 1675-82
Known as the 'silver-tongued lawyer' and the 'father of modern equity' (DNB)
Involved in trial of Regicides in reign of Charles II

Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand (1869-1948)

Adm IT 1888; call 1891; disbarred 1922; reinstated 1988
Architect of Indian independence

Gascoigne, Sir William (c1350-1419)

Adm IT n.d.; call n.d.; serjeant 1388; CJKB
Reputedly committed Prince Henry, later Henry V, to gaol for contempt

Gilbert, Sir William Schwenk (1836-1911)

Adm IT 1855; call 1863; knt 1907
Playwright, librettist and author. Famous as collaborator with Sir Arthur Sullivan on comic operettas.
Drowned when bathing in lake in own grounds at Harrow Weald

Goddard, Rayner, Lord Goddard (1877-1971)

Lord Goddard

Adm IT 1896; call 1891; bencher 1929; LCJ 1946-58
First non-political LCJ. In favour of hanging and corporal punishment. Presided over Craig and Bentley trial



Grenville, George (1712-70)

Adm IT 1729; call 1735; bencher 1763; MP 1741; First Lord of Treasury [Prime Minister] 1763-65
Nicknamed 'the Gentle Shepherd' by William Pitt. Endowed with 'considerable financial ability, unflagging industry and inflexible integrity both in public and private life'. Nevertheless, 'his administration was a series of blunders' (DNB)