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Hall, Sir Edward Marshall (1858-1927)

alt Adm IT 1880; call 1883; bencher 1910; QC 1898; MP 1900; knt 1917
Involved in a number of sensational cases, including Russell Divorce case 1923  


Hallam, Arthur Henry (1811-33)

Adm IT 1832
Poet and author. Son of Henry Hallam (qv)
Friend of Alfred Tennyson, who wrote 'In Memoriam' on his death in Vienna in 1833

Hallam, Henry (1777-1859)

Adm LI 1798; adm IT 1802; call 1802; bencher 1841; Reader 1853
Vice-President of the Society of Antiquaries
Historian. Author of 'The Constitutional History of England from the Accession of Henry VIII to the death of George II', (1827)
Friend of John Austin (qv)

Hampden, John (1594-1643)

Adm IT 1613; call n.d.; MP 1621
Statesman. Opposed ship-money levied by Charles I

Harcourt, Sir Simon (1660-1727)

Harcourt Adm IT 1676; call 1683; Treasurer 1702; Recorder of Abingdon 1683; MP for Abingdon 1690-1705 & 1708-9, Bossiney, Cornwall, 1705-8 and Cardigan 1710; SG 1702; knt 1702; AG 1707 & 1710; LK 1710; PC 1710; LC 1713-14; Viscount 1721
Took part in prosecution of Defoe at Old Bailey for publication of tract 1703
Skilful speaker. Appeared for Sacheverell in House of Lords 1710 where his speech was 'universally applauded' (DNB)
Friend of Alexander Pope, John Gay and Jonathan Swift


Hatton, Sir Christopher (1540-91)

Adm IT 1560; not called; MP 1571; LC 1587-91.
Courtier, politician and favourite of Elizabeth I
Involved in Christmas Revels at IT 1561; and wrote fourth act of tragedy of Tancred and Gismund performed before the Queen at IT 1588
First LC not to be a trained lawyer or prelate
Commissioner involved in trials of Anthony Babbington and Mary, Queen of Scots

Herbert, Sir Alan P (1890-1971)

Herbert, Sir Alan P

Adm IT 1912; call 1919; MP for Oxford University 1935-50
Author, humourist, playwright and law reform activist



Higgins, Rosalyn, Baroness Higgins, QC, DBE (1937-)

Adm IT 1952; call 1955; QC 1986; President of the International Court of Justice 2006
First female judge appointed to the International Court of Justice

Howard, Michael (1941-)

Adm IT 1961; call 1964; QC 1982; PC 1990; bencher 1992
MP 1983 - ; Home Sec. 1993-7

Hughes, Thomas (1822-96)

Adm LI 1845; adm IT 1848; call 1848; QC 1869; bencher 1870
MP 1865-74
Author of 'Tom Brown's Schooldays'

Irvine, Alexander Andrew Mackay, Lord Irvine of Lairg (1940 - )

Adm IT 1962; Call 1967; QC 1978; bencher 1985; PC.
Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain (1997-2003).

James, Duke of York (later James II) (1633-1701)

First Royal Bencher of IT. King 1685-88. Abdicated 1688

James, Edwin (1812-82)

Adm IT 1832; Call 1836; QC 1850; MP 1859-61; disbarred for unprofessional conduct 1861.
Emigrated to New York, USA
Performed on American stage, 1861-72

Jeffreys, George, Lord Jeffreys (c.1644-89)

Lord Jeffreys

Adm IT 1663; Call 1668; bencher 1678; CJKB 1683; Recorder of London 1678-80; serjeant 1680; LCJ 1682; KC 1683; LC 1685
Defender of Crown interests. Presided over 'Bloody Assizes' after Monmouth's attempted rebellion 1685. Died in Tower of London 1689 

Jekyll, Sir Joseph (c.1757-1837)

Adm LI 1769; Call 1778; adm IT 1795; Treasurer 1816; MP for Calne 1787-1816; KC 1805; SG 1805; Master in Chancery 1815
Lawyer, wit and politician. Author of 'Facts and observations relating to the Temple Church' 1811

Jinnah, Mohammed Ali (1876-1948)

Adm LI 1893; Call LI 1896; adm IT (ad eundem) 1931
President of Pakistan 1947

Karadja, Prince Constantin (1889-1950)

Adm IT 1909 Call 1922
Romanian Diplomat. Romanian Consul General in Berlin 1931-41. Head of Consulate Dept. of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest, 1941-44.
Responsible for the safe evacuation of thousands of Jews from Nazi Germany.

Keate, George (1729-97)

Adm IT 1751; Call 1753; bencher 1791
Writer and painter. Friend of Voltaire

Keynes, John Maynard, Lord Keynes (1883-1946)

Adm IT 1905
1st Baron Keynes, British economist, civil servant, a director of the Bank of England, a patron of the arts, a director of the British Eugenics Society, a writer, a philosopher, and a farmer

Khama, Seretse (1921-80)

Adm IT 1946
Chief designate of Bamangwato Tribe, in Bechauanaland Protectorate; exiled for marriage to white woman, Ruth Williams; returned to Bechuanaland 1956; Leader of Bechauanaland Democratic Party; first president of Botswana

Lane, Dame Elizabeth (1905-1988)

Adm IT 1937; Call 1940; QC 1960; bencher 1965; JPDAD 1965-79
First woman High Court Judge

Littleton, Sir Thomas (c1415-81)


Adm IT n.d.; Call n.d.; serjeant 1453; KS 1455; JCP 1466-81
Lawyer, judge, author of 'On Tenures'