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Mortimer, Sir John Clifford CBE (1923-2009)

Adm IT 1941; Call 1948; bencher 1975; QC 1996
Author and playwright. Creator of ‘Rumpole of the Bailey’

Nehru, Jawaharlal (1889-1964)

Adm IT 1909; Call 1912
First Prime Minister of India

Norton, Thomas (1532-84)

Adm 1556; MP 1558; Remembrancer of the City of London 1571
Author and politician. Joint author with Sir Thomas Sackvile (qv) of the first English tragedy Gorboduc, 1561
Anti-catholic campaigner, nick-named the 'Rackmaster General'
Committed to Fleet prison 1556 and to Tower of London 1584 for extreme Protestant views.

Paca, William (1740-99)

Adm IT 1762; called to bar of Maryland, USA ,1764
Politician. Signed the Declaration of American Independence
Maryland state senator; Chief Judge of Supreme Court, Maryland; Governor of Maryland 1782-86; delegate to State convention which ratifies the US constitution 1788; US judge 1789-99

Paston, John (1421-66)

Adm IT n.d.
Lived in the IT for 20 years. Author and recipient of a number of the 'Paston Letters'

Petyt, William (c.1641-1707)

Adm IT 1664; Call 1671; bencher 1687; Treasurer 1701; Keeper of the Records, Tower of London 1689
Talented lawyer and antiquarian. Defended Inner Temple against the City of London after riot against Lord Mayor 1669, and defended City of London against the Crown quo warranto proceedings 1683
Left his library and manuscripts to the Inner Temple Library 1707

Phillippo, Sir George (1833-1914)

Adm IT 1859; Call 1862
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Hong Kong 1882-1888

Rahman, Tunku Abdul (1895-1960)

Adm IT 1925; Call 1928;
1st King of Malaysia.

Rahman, Tunku Abdul (1903-90)

Adm IT 1924; Call 1949; bencher 1970
Founding father and first Prime Minster of Malaysia

Rhodes, Cecil John

Adm IT 1876
Financier, statesman, empire builder and educational philanthropist. Prime Minister of Cape Colony 1890–96; organiser of the diamond mining company De Beers Consolidated Mines. By his will he established the Rhodes Scholarship in 1902.

Rolle, Henry (c.1589-1656)

Rolle, Henry

Adm IT 1609; call 1618; bencher 1633; Reader 1637; serjeant 1640; JKB 1645; CJKB 1648; CJ of Upper Bench in Commonwealth period
Compiler of 'The Grand Abridgement'
Captured at Salisbury Assizes in 1655. Escaped hanging for involvement in uprising. Later refused to try other insurgents. 

Sackville, Sir Thomas (1536-1608)

Adm 1555; MP 1558; created Lord Buckhurst 1567; KG 1589; Chancellor,. Oxford University 1591; Lord Treasurer 1599; created Earl of Dorset 1604
Author and politician. Joint author with Thomas Norton (qv) of the first English tragedy Gorboduc, 1561

Selden, John (1584-1654)


Adm CI 1602; adm IT 1604; call 1612; bencher 1633; MP
Jurist, author, scholar
Resided in Heyward's Buildings (later known as Paper Buildings)


Stoker, Abraham (or Bram) (1848-1912)

Adm IT 1886; call 1890
Drama critic, author, novelist , creator of Dracula

Straw, John (Jack) (1946-)

Adm IT 1965; call 1972; PC 1997; bencher 1997
MP 1979- ; Home Sec. 1997-2001; Foreign Sec. 2001-2006; Leader of HoC 2006-2007; Lord Chancellor Secretary of State for Justice (2007-)

Taylor, A J P (1906-90)

Adm IT 1925

Thurlow, Edward, Lord Thurlow (1732-1806)

Lord Thurlow

Adm. IT 1752; call 1754; Bencher 1762; Reader 1769; Treasurer 1770; SG 1770; AG 1771; MP for Tamworth 1770-78; LC 1778-92.
Defended Warren Hastings. Opposed William Pitt the Younger. Whilst Lord Chancellor, the Great Seal stolen from his house in Great Ormond Street 

Varma, Krishnavarma, Shyamji (1857-1930)

Adm IT : 1879; call 1884; disbarred 1909; reinstated 2015

Indian revolutionary fighter, lawyer and journalist who founded the Indian Home Rule Society, India House and the Indian Sociologist in London


Von Moltke, Count Helmuth James (d.1945)

Adm IT 1935; call 1938
International lawyer. Advised German High Command. Executed by Adolf Hitler 1945

Williams, Dr Ivy (1877-1966)

Adm IT 1920; call 1922
First woman barrister; Academic, taught Law at St. Anne’s College, Oxford 1920-45

Willing, Thomas (1731-1821)

Adm IT 1748
American merchant and politician. Judge of Supreme Court, Pennsylvania
Established first chartered bank in USA and acted as its first president

Woolf, Harry Kenneth, Lord Woolf (1933-)

Adm IT 1951; call 1955; QC; Lord Justice of Appeal 1986; Law Lord 1992; Master of the Rolls (1996-2000); Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales (2000-2005)

Yong Pung How, (1926-)

Adm IT 1946; call 1951
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Singapore (1990-2006)