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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was the planning application submitted? 

The application was submitted on 31 January 2017

Q: How do I access the full planning application? 

The planning application is on the City of London Planning Department website here.

Q: How did the Inn agree on Project Pegasus?

Benchers met at a Bench Table on 21 October 2015 to discuss proposals to add an additional floor to the Treasury Building in order to develop an Education and Training Centre and additional facilities for the Inn. The Bench Table was followed by a vote which was scrutinised by the Reader and Reader-Elect. Governing Benchers voted to proceed with a re-development in the form of Option 2.

Q: How is Project Pegasus overseen? 

The project is overseen by the Pegasus Project Steering Group, chaired by Master Reader, Master Gloster. It is made up of the chair of each main Committee including Education & Training, Library, Estates, Garden, Finance, House and Catering. The group includes senior staff from each department plus members of the Bar Liaison Committee.

The recommendation of the Project Pegasus Steering Group that a planning application be lodged for the scheme in January was approved by the Executive Committee in December.

Q: What work has been done to address concerns about the Library? 

A considerable amount of progress had been made during the summer months of 2016 on refining the interior design for the Treasury Building. Thanks to the co-operation of departmental representatives and the skills of our architect, the concerns raised by individual departments have now been substantially met. In particular a less intrusive intervention into the Library as well as alternative book storage, in a large room in the basement immediately below the Library, has been achieved.

Q: What is Project Pegasus Scheme Two?

Education and Training, both of students and barristers, is the core purpose of the Inn and there is a recognised need to ensure that the Inn's facilities meet the demands of modern legal education. The development option approved by Governing Benchers will ensure that the Inn is able to fulfil its educational purpose by providing modern purpose-built facilities, including an auditorium and training rooms, to match the world class training which the Inn already delivers.

The Inn fully accepts that in creating these new facilities, we must ensure that the Library is able to continue to deliver all its core services, so that the Inn’s members continue to have access to our collection and receive the highly valued assistance of our library team.

Q: When were the Treasury Building and Hall built?

The Treasury Building and Hall in their current condition were completed in 1958 following the complete destruction of the previous buildings during World War II air raids.

Q: Which architect designed the Treasury Building and Hall?

The initial plans for the Treasury Building which hosts the Library were designed by Sir Hubert Worthington. Responsibility for the project was subsequently passed to T.W. Sutcliffe who supervised and is credited for the overall building and the Library.

Q: If the development of the Treasury Building goes ahead, what temporary arrangements will be made?

Work on identifying the alternative facilities needed to run the Inn during the construction phase, estimated to start in Spring 2019, has already begun and will be intensified once the planning application is approved.

The Inn will investigate all possible options to ensure the proper delivery of services during any closure. While such a major building project will lead to temporary disruption, the Inn will work to minimise this. Minimising disruption will be a major focus of the project steering group.

The Inn has a highly regarded and professional team of staff. The Inn will keep staff, members, tenants, residents and other interested parties updated as the project progresses.

Q: Can I read the decision by Historic England on the listing status of the current building?

Historic England have published their decision and it can be accessed via their Heritage Gateway website here.

Q: How can I stay up to date about project? 

If you would like to hear more about our plans for developing the Inn, please sign up for updates here:

Updated: February 2017