It's a Dog's Life in the Garden

Boris with rosette2On Sunday, 9 June we hosted a fun afternoon of activities and competitions as part of Chelsea Fringe 2013.

Top of the bill was our very first dog show that celebrated the age-old bond between gardeners and their canine companions. An excellent turn out meant all four categories were full to capacity with a terrific variety of dogs. Head Gardener, Andrea Brunsendorf, was in her element and armed with a loud speaker enthusiatically hosted the show. A panel of judges looked on as the contestants vied to be named top of their category. With wagging tails and bright eyes everywhere the day can only been described as an overriding success.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the day from our canine competitors and dog show judges to the cake bakers and quiz entrants, it really was fantastic fun.

For highlights and photographs of the day plus answers to the garden quiz and guessing games please click here.