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Qualifying Sessions & Call

How many sessions do I need to complete to be Called to the Bar?

You need to have 12 qualifying session points*. These can be completed right up to your Call date (i.e. not before you apply to be called). Call night will count as 1 point so before being called you should have 11 points.
(*At present, this is subject to change in the future)

Can I make up extra qualifying session points after being called?

No. You must have 11 points before being called.

I am a transferring solicitor, how do I go about being called to the Bar?

You must join the Inn at least one month before you wish to be called. Please note that it takes approximately one month for an application to be processed.

Please see also the Call Guidelines.

Can I attend dinners before my BPTC year starts?

Yes, you can start dining as soon as you become a member. However, please note that for dinners to count as qualifying sessions they must be within five years of being called.

Ongoing Schemes

Can I get involved with any of the E&T schemes before my BPTC year?

As soon as you are a member you can get involved in the Mentoring Scheme.