Transferring Solicitors & Academics

Joining an Inn of Court

If you a solicitor or an academic wishing to transfer to the Bar, you will need to apply to the Bar Standards Board in the first instance. Depending on your experience and qualifications, they will send you a letter detailing their decision with the conditions you must fulfil in order to be Called to the Bar.

Once you have received your letter from the Bar Standards Board, you may apply to join an Inn. You must be a member of an Inn to be Called to the Bar.

Please read the notes accompanying the form carefully before completing it.

The Application Forms consist of:

  1. Inner Temple Application Form for Admission, which requires you to declare:
    • Your occupation
    • Any previous convictions or bankruptcy charges
    • That you have not applied to join another Inn
  2. Ethnic Minority Monitoring Form
  3. Bar Council Form (a copy of this form is sent on to the Bar Council for their records)

The cost of joining an Inn is £100 and is a one-off payment.

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For further information on joining the Inn, please contact the Membership Registrar

Call to the Bar

Once you have become a member of the Inn, you may apply to be Called to the Bar. Please note that you must be Called to the Bar before you practise; this includes the practising component of a pupillage.

You can find further information on being Called to the Bar.

There are four Call dates a year in March, July, October and November. Please note that the July Call is very popular and spaces are allocated quickly. Spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact the Education and Training department in January for the closing date for applications.

Qualifying sessions


Transferring solicitors and academics usually have to complete 6 Qualifying Sessions in 3 years. However, the Bar Standards Board will confirm this requirement with you. You are responsible for keeping track of how many Qualifying Sessions you have completed. Attendance at Call night counts as one Qualifying Session.


You will be asked to sign an undertaking on your Call application form that you will complete the required number of Qualifying Sessions within the time required by the Bar Standards Board.


For a booking form and further information on Qualifying Sessions, please contact the Membership & Records Assistant.


For qualifying session rules, please click here.