Application Criteria & General Guidelines

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If you are intending to apply for any Inner Temple Scholarship, the following information is extremely important. Please ensure that you read each point carefully and contact the Education & Training Department if you have an enquiry that has not been answered.

Criteria for Inner Temple Awards

     Scholarships and Exhibitions are all awarded on merit. The criteria are

-  - Intellectual qualities (ability to analyse complex information and identify essentials, judgement, perceptiveness, good memory - academic achievement generally being good evidence on all counts)

   - Motivation (very high level of drive and determination, commitment to appropriate aspects of work at the Bar)

    - Relationships (ability to get on with a wide range of people, diplomacy, ability to sustain relationships)

- Character (calmness under fire, ability to work hard for long hours and against deadlines, sound personal values and integrity)

- Impact (articulacy, persuasiveness, confidence, ability to suit conduct to the occasion)

Financial need is taken into account in deciding the level of award for all Scholarships and Exhibitions save for the top 7 named scholarships which are of fixed amounts. The criteria for financial need are:

- Capital/debt (existing and prospective)

- Income (existing and prospective, from all sources - including any other likely award or provision, e.g. from a public body, prospective pupillage chambers, charity or parents)

- Personal expenditure (existing and prospective, including fees)

- Exceptional considerations (e.g. dependants, or special liabilities)

Criteria for Duke of Edinburgh Entrance Scholarship

They are awarded on the basis of academic and general merit, with need taken into account in appropriate cases.


Please note that candidates may apply for a scholarship to one Inn only. Multiple applications are not allowed, and the Inns circulate one another with a list of applicants for all scholarships and awards. Successful applicants must have joined that Inn and no other if the money is to be paid.