Application Criteria & General Guidelines

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Applicants must arrange that those providing references do so using the guidelines supplied with the application form and send them directly to the Scholarships Manager before the relevant closing date. Undergraduates must arrange for a tutor or director of studies to provide one of the references. Other applicants' academic references may be from the head of a former school or someone of similar standing. All references should be reasonably up-to-date at the time the application is made. In the case of mature applicants, references from an employer are acceptable, bearing in mind that all references should be as detailed as possible. Please note that members of family cannot provide references.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that references reach the Education and Training Department by the relevant closing date: applications presented without appropriate references may be disadvantaged.

Applicants must notify the Scholarships Manager in writing of any relevant changes in circumstances – such as degree results – as soon as possible.

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