Application Criteria & General Guidelines

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Panels comprising members of the Scholarships Committee (if necessary, assisted by other senior members of the Inn appointed for the purpose) will see applicants who are called for interview at the Inn. Isolated interviews of individuals will not be undertaken. Therefore it is essential for applicants to ascertain the possible dates for such interviews when lodging their applications and to ensure that they will be available at such dates if called upon. Interviews held on Saturdays take place normally between 9.00am and 6.00pm. Other interviews take place on weekday evenings, fixed according to the availability of the interviewing panels.

If an interviewee cannot, for good reason, come to the Inn for interview (for example, because they are studying of working overseas), the Committee may exceptionally permit a telephone or skype interview. Requests for telephone/skype interviews must be made through the Scholarships Manager. Candidates considering requesting a telephone/skype interview are cautioned that this procedure may make it more difficult for them to demonstrate to the interviewing panel the qualities required for an award, and so may place them at a disadvantage compared with candidates attending in person for interview.