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Intention to Practise: Undertaking

Inner Temple awards are intended to be awarded only to those who genuinely intend to make a career at the Bar of England and Wales. All candidates – particularly those applying for CPE awards – will therefore be expected to demonstrate a knowledge of what practise at the Bar entails (gained, for example, from mini-pupillages, chambers visits and/or attendance at court), and a clear commitment to making the Bar their career.

All award winners will be asked, as a condition of receiving their award, to give an undertaking to repay the whole (or such part as the Scholarships Committee may in its discretion determine) of the money that they have received, if they do not diligently attempt (i) if not already qualified) to do all such things as will enable them to become qualified to practise at the Bar of England and Wales; and thereafter (ii) to practise at that Bar for a continuous period (save for periods attributable to pregnancy, ill health or other factors outside their control) of at least 3 years.

If an award winner’s intentions with regard to practice at the Bar alters at any time before the completion of payments by the Inn, notice must be given to the Scholarships Committee, via the Scholarships Manager forthwith and all payments will cease.