Application Criteria & General Guidelines

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Financial Means

Applicants must give all the information asked for in the financial statement incorporated in the application form fully and clearly. Applicants must also state clearly if they have applied to any other organisation for funding. The Scholarships Committee may reject an application if it forms the view that the information relating to means is incomplete or is otherwise unsatisfactory.

In considering these matters, the Committee looks to the future as well as the present, and takes into consideration not only the personal means of the applicants but also assistance currently or prospectively available from any other source.

In relation to needs, all Bar students are, to some extent, needy. What the Committee will look for those factors that make any particular candidate either more or less needy than the average.

Please note that the merit criteria employed for our awards is the determining factor as to whether an award is made. Applicants are assessed on merit first and their financial circumstances will then also be looked at in the same interview to determine the level of any award already secured on merit grounds. Neediness on its own is not a reason for receiving an award. The panel must be convinced that the candidate has a good chance of becoming a barrister.