Internship Awards

The Inn, with the help of a generous grant from a trust set up in memory of Sir Joseph Priestley, makes a small number of awards each year for the purposes of enabling students and newly qualified barristers to pursue projects that will widen their experience of the world outside the bar, and thereby enhance the skills that they can thereafter bring to their practice. Although any project meeting these criteria will be considered, preference will generally be given to projects with an international element and/or which involve an element of unpaid or low paid work for the community. In making these awards, the Committee will take into account (in addition to the usual criteria relating to merit, resources and need) the likely value to the profession and/or the public good of the candidate’s proposed use of the award. A total of £29,250 is available for such awards.

An Internship with the European Court of Justice

In most cases it is expected that the candidate will propose a placement to the Inn in order to seek funding. There is, however, one placement available through this award scheme that you may apply for both the placement and funding at the same time, a 10 - 12 week placement working for the offices of Eleanor Sharpston, the Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

This is an opportunity to engage with EU law at the highest level and gain important experience of how it works in practice. Applicants should be able to demonstrate a knowledge of European Union law, have a reasonable command of French – the CJEU’s working language – and, by the time they take up a traineeship, should as a minimum either hold a law degree (preferably 2:1 or above) or have successfully completed a law conversion course. Applications from members who have completed the BPTC are also welcomed.
It is expected that the internship will take place in Autumn 2017 on mutually convenient dates. The successful applicant will secure an award of up to £5,000 (exact figure dependant on the final agreed length of the placement).


Any member of the Inn may apply for the Inn’s Internship Awards. The Sir Joseph Priestley Scholarships can only be awarded to barristers of less than 3 years’ call. Candidates who expect to be called imminently may nevertheless apply prior to call, but may not take up their award until they have been called. (So, for example, students expecting to be called to the Bar in July may apply in May for an award to be taken up for a project to be carried out during the summer vacation between call and starting pupillage.) Preference for all such awards will normally be given to those who have not previously received and taken up such an award. Internship Awards and Sir Joseph Priestley Scholarships are given only for identified projects. If the project is not carried out within 12 months of the award, the award will lapse, and any money received must be returned. Permission will not usually be given to defer the taking up of an Internship Award or a Sir Joseph Priestley Scholarship.

Application procedure

Before filling in the application form, you are strongly advised to speak to the Scholarships Manager about whether your internship qualifies to be considered by the interview panel. Candidates should apply using the online form on this website.

Interviews will be held at the Inner Temple on the evenings of 7 and 8 June 2017.

The financial statement part of the form must be completed for these awards. Candidates must also complete the "Proposal for Internship" section giving full details of their intended project, how it meets the criteria for an award, the likely cost, any additional or alternative sources of funding, and the amount sought from the Inner Temple. Two references are required and they need to be forwarded to the scholarships manager by the closing date. Click here to download the Referee Letter.

The closing date for the 2017 awards was Wednesday 31 May. Applications for the 2018 awards will open in early May 2018.